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Who Are Tenaris?


Tenaris consists of a network of manufacturing facilities, service yards and commercial offices that spans the globe. We provide casing and tubing, line pipe and various other mechanical and structural steel pipes for different applications.


We manufacture our steel pipe products in a wide range of specifications, which vary in diameter, length, thickness, finishing, steel grades, threading and coupling.


Where Is Tenaris Located?


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are strategically located in major oil & gas markets, allowing us to serve our customers with a local or regional presence. By being local, we can develop strong ties with major energy companies, enhancing our offer of technical and pipe management services, which enable our customers to optimize their selection and use of our products and reduce overall costs.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and product innovation. With the support of our R&D centers in Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Japan, we have the structure to design, test and qualify our tubular products for our customers.


With an operating history of over 50 years, we have acquired solid industrial know-how. We pursue constant benchmarking and best practices sharing among our different facilities.

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TUIC Picture Monica - Jenna Noble Wilson

Career oppurtunities 

Hva kan du tilby studenter? / What can you offer the students?

Sommerjobb / summer internship

Opplæringsprogram for nyutdannede / graduate or trainee program

Jobbmuligheter innen deres bedrift / Career oppertunities

Tenaris is a world of opportunities for graduates! Our Global Trainee Program is a great structure to allow graduates to grow in a global organisation.


The Global Trainee Program (GTP) aims to build up promising professionals with a strong industrial background and with the potential to become future Tenaris leaders. The GTP offers top-quality training and mentoring to help professionals take full advantage of their potential and get a head start in their careers. It is a two-year program that combines classroom training, e-learning courses and practical on-the-job experience. The two-year program gets off to a strong start with the month-long international Induction Camp in Argentina where you can network with other GT's and learn more about the Tenaris history and future.


During the program you will gain exposure to many areas of the business to prepare you for the next stage of your career.


We look for graduates of different degree backgrounds to join the program and bring their personality, experience and knowledge to Tenaris.

Find more at the link below:



Antall ansatte ( Norge / verden) / number of employees ( Norway / the world)

With over 24,500 employees and activity in five continents Tenaris has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries and a distribution and services network in 30 countries. Our workforce is composed by 88 nationalities reinforcing our commitment to support diversity in terms of cultures, gender and generations.  Tenaris works on people’s development throughout their career, from entry level all the way to top management. Investing in our people and their development is one of our top priorities. We recognize and reward performance through a transparent performance management process, which runs throughout the year. People are Tenaris’s most important asset. We invest in our team through continuous training and development, both at technical and managerial levels.

Kontorer i Norge / offices in Norway

Yes, Based in Stavanger. But we have many locations worldwide. Follow this link to learn more:

Kontorer i utlandet / offices abroad

Yes, Tenaris is based in many countries across the globe


For more information on recruitment at Tenaris please contact Jenna Noble Wilson

Talent Attraction and Development Specialist

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