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Maritime Trainee is one of the leading management trainee programs in Norway. It is organized for the industry by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association in copperation with Menon Economics.  The program lasts for 18 months and combines working in a world leading maritime company with an academic program with five modules in Norway, Singapore and London. After finishing your trainee-period, you will be employed in the company where you have worked as a trainee. This is an outstanding way to start a career in our most global industry, where Norway is one of the leading nations. 

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Career oppurtunities 

Graduate or trainee program

As part of the trainee program, you will participate in five academic modules. The academic modules serve several purposes. The most important one being to build relevant competence through lectures, group work, and company presentations. In addition, the modules serve as a meeting place for exchange of experience as well as a social arena for networking. Altogether this will give a broad overview of the activities in the maritime industry.

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Number of employees: 250 trainees have previously been part of the program

Average age: 26

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