For the 14th year running INDØKS is hosting the largest career day at the University of Stavanger. The date is set to Thursday 24. september 2020. Leading companies from technology, business and management are set to meet ambitious students from UiS. The day is commenced by a conference with topics meant to inspire and motivate the students. Former keynote speakers include, Eirik Norman Hansen, Ståle Kyllingstad, Bente Nyland, Helge Lund og Per-André Marum.


INDØKS will be attending stands and hand out catalogues at Kjølv Egelands Hus and Arne Rettedals Hus in the weeks leading up to Karrieredagen. These catalogues contain information concerning the companies attending and what kinds of students they are looking for. These catalogues can be used to do research in advance. Come prepared, and bring your resumé. Come talk with and get to know the various companies, and hopefully you can meet your future employer at Karrieredagen!


Pay attention to our Facebook page where information will be updated continuously and There will also be Facebook events with relevant information. We wish the best of luck to all students and hope you take advantage of this day.

Stand Area

The stand area will be held in and around Tjodehallen at Kjølv Egelands Hus at the University of Stavanger.


At the stand area all participating companies will have their own stand where they can present their company and career opportunities, host contests and convey other relevant information. This is a great opportunity for both companies and students to get acquainted with each other.



The Karrieremaraton is a great opportunity for the companies to pitch their business to a larger audience. It is normally held in one of the lecture halls near Tjodehallen, where several companies are gathered as groups and one by one present their respective businesses to a room full of students. This is an excellent way for students to quickly learn about the participating companies and understand their business.


This year the Karrieremarton will not be held as normal at the university due to the current situation we are facing with the Covid-19 virus.


Instead, the Karrieremaraton will be an online feature on Karrieredagen.no where each participating company will have a brief video presenting their business.



Karrierekvelden is hosted in the evening, on the same day as Karrieredagen. There will be served food and drinks, a keynote speaker will attend and entertainment for the evening will be held. It is an arena for the company representatives and students to meet in a more informal setting. Participating companies will be given tickets to Karrierekvelden which they, during Karrieredagen, can hand out to students they have taken a special interest in. This is an opportunity for the companies and students to get acquainted in a more casual atmosphere.


This night is a meeting point for involved students and companies, and a perfect way to end a successful Karrieredag.



Tjodhallen is located at Kjølv Egelands hus at the University of Stavanger.​



Kjølv Egelands hus

4021 Stavanger